English Corner: Privacy and Social Websites

This English Corner discusses the topic of privacy on social media websites. Students will read an article about a new French law that allows children to sue their parents for posting embarrassing photos of them on Facebook.

The worksheet includes warm up questions about social media use, followed by key vocabulary and an article. After the article, there are comprehension questions and discussion questions about social media and privacy online.

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French parents could go to jail for posting their children’s photos on Facebook.
French parents could get heavy fines or even go to jail for breaking the privacy of their children on the internet. Lawyers and police in France have warned parents to be careful posting photos of their young children on Facebook and other social media websites. They say that the children could sue their parents for putting their security or privacy at risk from the photos.
Aside from the risk of criminals and sex-offenders getting the photos, the embarrassment to the children can be a legitimate reason to sue the parents. Under France’s strict privacy laws, punishment can be a $45,000 fine or up to a year in jail. The French Government is following the example of German police who warn parents about children’s privacy online. Many parents have already been forced to remove naked pictures of babies or young children from social media websites.


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