Kung Fu Panda – Dragon Warrior Selection Scene

This is another great video for primary and middle students.

I start out by introducing Kung Fu and what it is. Also, review what a Warrior is and discuss the kind of person who might get a title like “Dragon Warrior”.

Then pass out the worksheet and tell students that they’ll be watching a video and answering some questions.

The worksheet starts with vocabulary matching from words that are in the video. Review the answers before watching the video so they understand the meaning of the words. It’s also good to have the students read aloud each word so they will be able to recognize it when they hear it in the video.

Tell students that when they watch the video, some words in the subtitles are missing and they will need to write in the words they hear. The words come from the vocabulary words at the beginning of the worksheet.

The words are replaced by a blank space with a number so they can write the missing word they hear on the worksheet with the corresponding number. See example screenshots of the video:

Follow up with the comprehension multiple choice questions. For more advanced students, you can edit the worksheet and remove the multiple choice answers and have them write the answers.

The students will enjoy the video and it’s a good way to practice listening to pick up words while watching and listening to English movies.

Below is the Youtube video I use for the worksheet. You can download the clip to play it on your computer in class. The original clip does not have subtitles, but you can use the modified subtitles I created so students can follow and write the answers on the worksheet.


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