At a Restaurant Dialogue

A restaurant dialogue with vocabulary. Useful for reviewing terms or giving an example dialogue of a typical dining experience in America. Students can complete the...

Family Tree Exercise (Advanced)

This family tree exercise uses general family terms including: Niece Nephew Cousin Sister-in-law Son-in-law Students read the clues and write in each person’s name in...

Family Tree Exercise (Beginner)

This is a family tree exercise that uses basic family terms including: Brother Sister Aunt Uncle Grandfather Granddaughter Student must read the clues and write...

Family Vocabulary

A Family Vocabulary worksheet with many family terms. Terms include: aunt uncle cousin niece nephew siblings granddaughter grandson sister-in-law brother-in-law mother-in-law father-in-law son-in-law maternal paternal...

Family Vocabulary (Beginner)

A worksheet to review family vocabulary. Words include: mother father brother sister aunt uncle cousin niece nephew grandmother grandfather

Going Shopping part 1

This worksheet has shopping vocabulary and expressions. The first part requires students to put each item under the type of store you can buy it...

Great Inventions in History

A good worksheet to start or supplement a lesson on inventions. Includes a short writing exercise as well to get students to think about how inventions have changed history.

Halloween: Fun Worksheet

A Halloween worksheet with a few activities including “find the differences” in pictures, fill in the blank Halloween vocabulary and a Halloween puzzle.

Halloween: Word Search

A Halloween word search for beginners with common Halloween terms. This worksheet uses the same vocabulary as the other ESL Files Halloween Worksheets.

Health Problems

A worksheet to introduce and practice health problem vocabulary. Includes matching health problems with their causes and a short dialogue.

Health Problems part 3

This is a continuation worksheet for Health Problems. This worksheet introduces simple treatment vocabulary for various health problems.

How is the Weather?

A worksheet for students to review basic weather vocabulary terms. Students also practice how to ask about current and past weather conditions.