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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I save the flash card images I upload to print later?
If you are registered and signed in, you can save uploaded images in a set which can then be downloaded or printed on any computer with internet. Visitors can still upload images to create flash cards, however these images are deleted from the server within 24 hours and are not saved.
How do I change an image in a premade set?
Just delete the card you want to change and upload the new image you want to use as a new card.
Can I save a flash card set with a mix of pre-made cards and my own uploaded cards?
Yes, you can load a pre-made set, add/edit/remove some cards and save it as your own set for access at any time.
How do I view my saved flash card set?
Simply log in and visit this page and you will see all your saved flash card sets in the drop-down menu. Your saved sets are accessible at any time and any computer with internet access.
How do I delete a saved flash card set?
Select the set you want to delete from the drop-down menu and click the red 'delete' button below the cards.
How many flash card sets can I save?
Members are able to save 1 card set at a time. VIP members are able to save up to 10 card sets.
Why do you limit 1 saved set for members?
Uploading and saving lots of images takes server resources. Unfortunately I am unable to allow all free members to save too many sets. If you really like this resource, consider upgrading to VIP membership to support us and get 10 saved sets.
What happens if my VIP membership expires with more than 1 saved set?
You will still have access to all your saved sets. You just won't be able to save any additional sets until you reactivate VIP membership.